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144MHz Meteor Scatte Contact.
Post By : HS2JFW/JOE 140 Time : 2011/07/18 11:23  viewed : 14935
Hi All,

I'm Joe/HS2JFW again from Bangkok, Thailand. Just need any station to try meteor scatter on 144MHz. Last year was successful complete QSO with 9M2CQC in KL, Malaysia. Watch it on you tube.


Looking for any station who interest to try with me. You can mail me or meet me at DX chat at http://chat.144mhz.net.

Station need for MS contact only single horizontal yagi with 100-200W power.

Looking forward to QSO with you soon.

73 Joe
HS2JFW/JOE141  Time : 2011/08/02 17:14:07
To update about DX chat online.
We are move to On4KST R3 144/435MHz Chat at the following link.
See me and 2m DX friends there.
73 Joe
VALERY142  Time : 2012/01/22 08:08:57
QRV FSK441 Ms on 144.441
my PA 500wtt ant 2*13el yagi V.
VALERY143  Time : 2012/01/22 20:58:05
I am willing to work through Ms on 144.441 MHz fsk441 every Saturday 11.30-12.00utc
VALERY163  Time : 2012/07/27 16:50:43
Perseids a good reflection Pse sked here WSJT JAPAN Logger
VALERY165  Time : 2012/10/19 13:24:52
Anyone else QRV fsk441 on 144.373 MHz?
pse information here
VALERY167  Time : 2012/11/06 07:47:47
Open New Window to view large picture2012110607474771-M.jpgPictureWork actively through meteors UA0LW, RN0JJ. RW0JC.UA0C.RW0LDF.UA0DBX
VALERY181  Time : 2013/04/20 07:25:11
Open New Window to view large picture2013042007251171-M.jpgPictureuhf-vhf chat http://rz0lwa.ru/chat.php
BV2NT182  Time : 2013/04/20 09:57:28
Thank you very much for the information. This year we will try to JT65 mode on 2M band, here is:
KDARC May2013 2M/6M TextSchedule (UTC) : 2013/05/18 01:00 ~ 2013/05/19 08:00QTH : KaoHsioung City
Geo Loc : 22°33'20.58" N, 120°23'14.12" E
Freq : 144.110MHz(SSB/CW/JT65), 50MHz
CallSign : BV2B/7
JM4EKZ183  Time : 2013/04/25 20:55:55
I'm Take /JM4EKZ 2mSSB May/25 /26 QSO please HS2JFW/Joe Thailand 9M2CQC Malaysia dream HS 9M
SAMMIE233  Time : 2021/02/24 02:26:35
抱歉!! 回應內容已由BV2DD刪除!!  原因 : 與標題內容無關。
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